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Sports Cars Only Unfortunately
Description When we opened our doors here in July 1991, we honestly never foresaw Porsche entering the SUV market. We therefore equipped our workshop with vehicle lifts of a specific type to allow the lifting arms to be low enough to cope with sports cars. Consequently, this also meant a limit to the lifting capacity, which sadly is not fully adequate to lift the Cayenne range safely. Therefore, unfortunately, we are unable to attend to the needs of Cayenne owners. We plan to update our website in the near future to make this plain to avoid wasting anyone's time.
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Case History Images
Description The first two images shown here are of one of the actual brake discs removed from the 28,000 mile Boxster S detailed in our brief case history on the services page. We should point out that the small amount of surface corrosion evident on Image 1 has occurred since removal, but Image 2 speaks for itself, as it is the other side of the same disc! Images 3 and 4 show another vehicle with the early stages of the same problem (i.e. blocked cross-drillings), although the outside face of the disc looks fine.
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